Cars and caravans

Fire Antigen may be used in a wide range of different situations. Take a look at all the application sheets in the Download area of the website, or contact our offices for further information on the product.

Safety for cars and caravans

Fires that occur while we are inside a car or a caravan are definitely among the most dangerous for people; this because at the same time we are in a very narrow place and, in almost 100% cases, we do not have any fire fighting product to use immediately.

Fire Antigen does its best in these kinds of situations, because it acts suddenly turning off fire at the beginning; in addition, its special polyvalent formula is perfect to treat all main fire types, so it is very efficient with all hydrocarbon-based products, as well as wood or rubber.

Fire Antigen is also a must-have equipment to prevent forest fires, that often grow up close to caravan camps especially since not rarely they miss any fire fighting measures.

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