Professional transport

Fire Antigen may be used in a wide range of different situations. Take a look at all the application sheets in the Download area of the website, or contact our offices for further information on the product.

Safety for professional transporters

Truck loads are among the most dangerous elements that may cause a fire on a heavy vehicle; but also bad pneumatic tyres, short circuits, various accidents can truly represent a threat for professionals of transport.

In addition, when a fire raise inside these vehicles, nothing can be done concretely to treat fire and truckload is often irrevocably destroyed.

Fire Antigen is the product that can help preventing such disasters and risks for human beings: it can be safely placed with truckload, in case of fire it activates automatically, releasing a special flame-retardant formula that cuts off fire, refreshes the area and leaves a film that avoids flame reactivation.

Fire Antigen can be also used to attack fire directly in addition to traditional extinguishers.

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