Fire Antigen

Fire Antigen is the most advanced result of an innovative and unprecedented technology, who is often named instant extinguisher.

What is Fire Antigen?

The instant extinguisher is an innovative product with unique features among fire fighting technologies. It is made of a small plastic box, containing a little tank of flame-retardant liquid and a small self-triggering mechanism which, in case of fires, suddenly spreads the special solution.

Why is it so important?

Fire Antigen reverses the functional philosophy of traditional fire fighting solutions; while classic extinguishers are developed in order to treat fire when it has raised, and consequently is it already dangerous for human beings, instant extinguishers work earlier, that is to say when flames are still beginning to increase, avoiding any further damages to people and things.

  • automatic: when a fire raise, Fire Antigen activates automatically without any human intervention, working in a moment directly over the so-called "fire triangle": 1. it creates an oxygen-less cloud, that cuts off the combustive agent; 2. a great part of the fuel is scattered away from the fire core; 3. it suddenly damps and leaves a retardant film that avoids a fire reactivation;
  • not electronic: Fire Antigen does not contain any electronic parts or components, therefore it is affordable and always works properly, even in hardest conditions;
  • safe and long lasting: is does not require any specific care for stocking, it is guaranteed for 5 years and doesn’t need maintenance;
  • life saver: in case a fire has already raised, Fire Antigen is a must-have equipment to track a safe way out among flames, increasing by than double the chances to save the people involved in the fire.

Home protection

Every year more than 3.000 people in Europe die due to fires in house; over 60% victims are children and seniors. In more than 90% cases, the cause of death is directly connected to the fire itself (particularly asphyxia and burned skin), and in most situations deaths are due to a complete lack of fire fighting equipments.

With Fire Antigen you can secure the areas where there is a potential risk of burn, and doing so you will protect your home and your family with just a little investment.

Safety at work

In addition to houses and offices, installing Fire Antigen is really important into production environments; there are different versions and professionally-oriented solutions. We particularly suggest the electric-specific version, that prevents fires from short circuits.

Environmental preservation

Professional line products, assembled into 5kg special tanks, are developed to supply an extensive support to:

  • firemen and forestal patrol (product line for environmental fire fighting);
  • civil defence;
  • law and order;
  • military corps.

In addition, Fire Antigen is available in a 5kg format equipped with a special hydrocarbon-specific formula, that is the best professional solution to protect machine shops, stocking areas, fuel stations and refineries.

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