Fire Antigen

Fire Antigen is a trademark of Dragon-Fire S.r.l., the company exclusively devoted to distribute a brand-new class of fire fighting products named instant extinguishers.

Undoubtedly, the fire-fighting field is getting more and more strategic in both public and private policies of risk management. Despite many traditional techniques in fire fighting, and an increasing consciousness on the matter by the global community, data leaves no doubt that the number of fires is quickly raising, from houses to forestal. Just to make some examples, please consider the following:

  • over 70% fires take place inside houses, for an annual balance of 3.000 victims and 80.000 people wounded in Europe;
  • only in Italy we count 7.000 to 10.000 fires in forests, involving 120-150.000 hectares destroyed, and something like 2 billion euros cost per year for the community; comparing territory, similar data can be found in other UE States.

As a matter of fact, still nowadays there is no affordable, economic technique that works properly in prevention. On the market, we found a lot of different solutions that help treating fire; nevertheless, there is no product that can instantly cut off the fire before it starts raising, that is to say earlier than begins to be dangerous for people and environment.

Thus, our company was founded in order to integrate and improve the whole set of fire-fighting solutions available for the private end-user, as well as companies and Public Institutions, making a relevant step forward in technologies for fire prevention and treatment.

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Fire Antigen is a Dragon-Fire S.r.l. trademark Via Verdi snc, 21020 TERNATE (VA) Italy C.F. 06283270962 VAT no. IT06283270962